Jerusalem Cinematheque

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The Jerusalem Cinematheque includes documentary films from the time of the State of Israel’s establishment and until this day. Hidden inside is a national treasure that is available online for students or for curious people.
In addition there is a database of featured films to watch directly from the archive.


Visual Language & Experience

The site experience influenced both the design and the color scheme supported by user experience flow. I divided the featured films from the data base into squares, with a full blue background, while the documentary films were pinned to a square with blue outlining, allowing identification of the film even before its name was read. The search system is based on Timeline, which also leads to the advanced search. I took the inspiration for the design from the thought of historical memory preserving by documentary, and featured films and historical memory of the State of Israel. Thus, I chose the color blue as the most dominant color of the site, which is the color of the Israeli flag. I also used the color blue for the timeline as a reference to the long period of time that this area is being documented.