The Challenge

Message and software extension support for software experts. I re-designed the support site and product information for the various customers and the internal site for the support of company employees.

The Solution

Key icons that redirect the user to the required support area and allow then to navigate within the app easily. Software extensions and announcements are usually centralized, including the company's blog which updates and upgrades the company's main software and provides important information to users and informs them of any changes. There is also an image that illustrates the problem on one side of the screen and the solution on the other (in a game-like design).

Company Audience Events

Corporate conferences for users.  A system arranged in a calendar format, which sends invitations to various corporate conferences. I inserted app behavior in to the calendar, in order to pursue the companies target audience to use the calendar and attend conferences.


A platform that deals with fault monitoring and their solution in various computer systems of large corporations. ControlUp is transforming how IT manages systems and troubleshoot issues. That is why over a thousand organisations rely on this product today.

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