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Cinch is a neighbourhood app that connects people, businesses & institutions into a network, stimulating commerce & driving loyalty to the neighbourhood.

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The Challenge

to design an mobile app that creates a wide range of diverse and varied businesses and to mediate them comfortably and intuitively

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The Solution

Sort the business list horizontally through a slide of icons located at the top of the offer page. At the lower part of the page, it was important to me to present a picture that best represents the app, in that picture I added a large text that shows the promotion in large letters. I added a “remind me button” (bell)  and a “share” button.

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Real and Virtual

The combination of “real and virtual” or “hardware and software” always interested me,  therefore,  in some of the "coupons" I chose to use that concept. I wanted to show that it's like a physical Gift Card that contains all necessary data including: expiration date, number of times each card has been used, virtual business types (if there are more than one). In other words giving the user to view important details in one place by clicking a button that "rotates" the card and provides that extra information.

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