Moby Tour is a custom interface for travel companies that sell organized group tours. The interface contains, on one hand, an app for the guide to contact
all the participants and to deliver messages and updates. On the other hand, an app for travelers that gives them all the information about the trip, from confirmation of payment to flight tickets, entry permits to all the
attractions, updated timetables for various activities and much more information about everything that happens in the area in which they are located.

The challenge

To create an interface that binds all forms such as tickets (flight, sports games, shows, concerts, museums and more), document scanning and data entry (passport, visa, hotel room clearance, travels check and more), activities (trip details and recommendations of attractions, restaurants, shopping and nightlife). In addition, to create a platform for direct contact between a group tour guide and the travelers.

The Solution

Sliding through the Slidebar allows each part to be arranged more efficiently and makes it easier to access tour information, vouchers and documents at any given time.

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