Sqope is a company that provides information about large food companies.The company provides information for new companies that wish to enter the retail market. I created a special Dashboard that accompanies the client with relevant data.

Client & Analyst Dashboard

The interface is simple and easy to operate, through it the company's base data can be linked and as a result, the company receives weighting data  based on existing food companies.

The Solution

I created process acceptance by iconic reinforcement. Each “call to action” is accompanied by a dedicated icon, in order to raise interest using icons has opened gave me the opportunity to create unique and large icons in order to visually connect the user to the interface and attract him to continue actively working on the dashboard. In addition, the informational sections in the dashboard are divided by colors, which helps the user to focus and read continuously.

Client dashboard

Analyst dashboard

Visual Language

This color distribution is also used in the pop-up pages, which helps the user to delimit each different inoperative part and contributes to ongoing focus. I aligned the color division with the companies branding strategy.

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